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Have you been persuaded to invest in schemes without being advised they were high risk?

You may now be aware that a host of lucrative (for the advisor) investment schemes, that have proved to be worthless were pushed upon naive investors by advisors who wanted high commission returns for themselves. Many of these so-called investment opportunities were little more than elaborate scams – Storage units, Plantations, Tourist resorts many don’t exist and the ones that do offer little in the way of investment returns.

If you have lost any of your pension money through bad advice you may be able to claim?

Being wrongly advised is bad enough, but realising that you have been wrongly advised to take out this high-risk investment, simply to earn more commission for your advisor is a form of fraud.

If you have suffered at the hands of an unscrupulous advisor and were badly advised and mis-sold investments based on projected performance and returns it is possible that you may be able to claim compensation for any losses you have incurred.

If you wish to pursue a claim, our expert panel of solicitors, who specialise in mis-sold investment compensation, can progress your case on a ‘No Win, No Fee basis’, we will not charge you any fees if your case is not successful.

The only information you will need is the name your financial advisor and when it was taken out. We ask a few simple questions, and then we will then be able to obtain additional information on your behalf

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We can act for you in the vast majority of cases on a No Win No Fee Basis.

Frequently asked questions Mis-Sold Investments
Mis-sold investments can be a minefield to navigate. The complexity of the Financial Conduct Authority guidelines means that you need experts on your side if you think you have a claim against Independent Financial Advisors, wealth management company, stockbroker or Fund Manager. The experts at Goldman Knightly are claims specialists with the experience to get the best possible solution if you have been mis-sold a financial investment that was as a result of professional negligence.
I think I have been mis-sold by my advisor, how can I tell?

The FCA definition of a mis-sold investment is - The negligent, deliberate or reckless sale of an investment, where the investment was misrepresented or unsuitable for your needs.

All financial advisors have a duty of care to their clients in terms of risk exposure. Any investment opportunity carries a certain level of risk, but this has to be pointed out to the client. The industry has been found to have promoted investments where the advising company reaps high rewards that have ultimately proved to be poor investments at best, and at worst completely bogus.

How do I recognise a problem investment area?
Many advisors were lured into promoting questionable schemes by financial advisors who were given major commission payments for promoting them at the expense of other less risky opportunities. Any investment featuring storage units, hotel and leisure complexes, overseas property, carbon credits, ECO schemes, forestry projects, bonds and personal equity plans should be looked at. Many such schemes have been sold to clients with the promise of significant returns, instead, the client has lost money on their investment.
What can I do If I think I have been mis-sold an investment?
If you believe that because of poor or negligent financial advice, you have lost money on an investment, it may be possible to claim your money back. The Goldman Knightly specialist legal team have vast experience in dealing with mis-sold investment claims – we can advise you if you have a valid claim with a minimum of fuss.
What will I need to advance a claim?
It makes our job considerably easier if you have the original investment document or associated paperwork. If you no longer have any paperwork, the name of your advisor and approximate dates will suffice. We will carry out our checks directly with the financial company concerned.
How does Goldman Knightly get paid?
As mentioned earlier, should we take your case, we do not charge any upfront fees. All the costs are dealt with by Goldman Knightly. Only when your case is successful, will we charge you a percentage of your compensation. Our typical fee is 37% + VAT to cover all our costs.



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